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I have come to the conclusion that maybe, perhaps, not planning anything during my days off is the best way to actually move forward with my projects. I've heard my sister say once that boredom is crucial for the development of a child. I'm here to argue that maybe learning to be bored (and therefore learning to spend time indulging in my hobbies once I realize that I'm bored) is also crucial for adults. I do perceive a lack of boredom in today's society. Without wanting to fall into the "this generation is lost" speech, I wish more of us would let themselves be blessed with a life detached from social media norms, behaviours, patterns, trends and content-focused media. Perhaps maybe that's just my own experience and intolerance towards my own usage, but if my therapist says I am and have been marginalized from most of my generation, I'll just accept it as a fact.

Merging all of my journals into one, by chronological order of entries, led me to add a blog page to my website that isn't even publicly announced yet, and I haven't felt this satisfied, at peace and productive in months. I assume this is a new beginning, this is a journal of my journey through whatever path I'm on. I now have an idea of the results that I want, but I don't quite know how to get there, so I try different avenues, I tap into my mind, body and soul to figure out what feels the best. There is no more distinction between sleep, writing and masturbation.

Sunday February the 18th 23:23PM - this humble beginning is the result I was waiting for.

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